Everything You Need to Know About Neapolitan Pizza

Indisputably, Neapolitan pizza is one of the best varieties that any pizza lover can have. It is known to originate from Naples, Italy, and it has been around since the 18th century. One of the main features that distinguishes it from all other types of pizza is the fact that it has a lot of sauce when compared to the cheese. This means that the middle part is slightly soggy, and hence, having very long slices is not ideal.

People love Neapolitan pizza because it is delicious, plus it is pretty easy to make. All you need are simple, fresh ingredients such as basil and raw tomatoes. You do not have to stress over how you will make a fancy topping because it is absolutely unnecessary.

Here are some tips that can help you make your Neapolitan pizza the right way.


When making the dough, you should get strong flour that has a high protein level. Make sure that you knead the dough with your hands, but you can also use a low-speed mixer. Wait until after the rising process so that you can hand stretch the dough, instead of doing it with any type of machine or a rolling pin. It should have a thickness of about three millimetres or less.


As mentioned earlier, Neapolitan pizza requires fresh ingredients. The toppings that you should use include mozzarella, oregano, tomatoes, basil leaves and olive oil. You should not add a lot of toppings because the pizza is meant to be thin, which also means that you will need a knife and fork when eating it.


When baking Neapolitan pizza, use a wood oven and heat it to a minimum of 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake it for about 70 to 90 seconds and don’t exceed the latter. Otherwise, you will have ruined your pizza. This procedure for baking Neapolitan pizza has been used for many centuries, and it remains the same. Once the pizza has fully cooked, it should be tender, elastic and have a beautiful fragrance.

Neapolitan Pizza Variations

Today, there are three known variants of Neapolitan pizza. There are:

  • Pizza Margherita: Typically comes with fresh sliced mozzarella, tomato, extra virgin oil and sweet basil topping.
  • Pizza Marinara: Its topping has oregano, garlic, and tomatoes, as well as extra virgin olive oil.
  • Pizza Margherita extra: Usually made with fresh basil, mozzarella di Bufala (sliced), fresh tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil.

In Argentina, they make a type of Neapolitan pizza that is topped with slices of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Most people also like flavouring pizza with garlic.

If you want to enjoy Neapolitan pizza, visit the best pizzeria near you. Alternatively, get the necessary ingredients and prepare it yourself.