The History of Chicago Pizza

Chicago pizza, which is also known as deep-dish pizza, has been around for many years, and a lot of individuals cannot get enough of it. When preparing it, you can use a variety of styles, all originating from Chicago: Illinois’ most populous city.

Even though countless people love Chicago-style pizza, they know so little about it. If you are one of them, read on.


Tim Samuelson, who is an exceptional storyteller and the official cultural historian in Chicago, revealed that there is not enough proof to show the specific person who came up with the method to make Chicago pizza. Even so, there have been numerous reports that the recipe was discovered in 1943 by the founder of Chicago’s Pizzeria Uno, Ike Sewell.

However, contradicting information has also been reported. In 1956, the Chicago Daily News published an article stating that even though Chicago pizza was first prepared in Pizzeria Uno, it was chef Rudy Malnati who created the recipe. A lot of people have said the method used to make this type of pizza has not changed since back then.

You should also note the Chicago pizza is different from other types of pizzas because of its deep crust.