Incredible Tips to Make Great Greek Pizza

Greek pizza is super delicious, and a lot of pizza lovers would do anything to have a slice. It is unique because it comes with a considerable amount of olive oil. If you don’t want to stop by your favourite pizzeria to get Greek pizza, you can make yours at home.

For first-timers, it can be a little confusing, and you might even end up making mistakes that will ruin the results. That is why it is recommended that you follow the exact recipe, and use the tips below to see to it that your Greek pizza comes out right.

Guidelines to Use When Making Greek Pizza

Use a shallow, round pan to make Greek pizza, and coat it with a lot of olive oil. This ensures that the bottom of the pizza dough fries and bakes at the same time. When it comes to making the toppings, there is no specific procedure to follow, but do not be afraid to pile them on the dough.

Even so, avoid adding a lot of baby spinach because it may release excess moisture that will result in a soggy crust.

Feel free to use a stand mixer when making the Greek pizza dough, even though hand kneading it is ideal.